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5 Laidback Statement Chandeliers

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your home.

In fact, when I go to see a clients home for an initial visit I always insist on seeing the space during the day so that I can see how the natural light flows into the space. It is so important to get a sense of how dark or light the space is during the day.

From a decorative perspective, lighting is a fundamental part of the scheme to any home. If you have too many spot lights, the space can feel like a runway, if you have not enough lighting, you can have dark spots at night. And if you have too much lighting or overly bright bulbs, the space can feel like your in a bright tunnel.
When it comes to chandeliers, for me it has to be a statement piece. Why have integrated lighting into a room if it’s just going to fade into the background? Make a statement with it and bring the room to life. An amazing chandelier can be just as impactful as a large piece of art or a beautiful large rug. When it comes to chandeliers, I tend to choose warm colours and go for unusual shapes. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect Chandelier for your home…
  • Go for unusual shapes and materials. I love chandeliers that are made of different or unusual materials such as mud or wood. Glass chandeliers that are made with different shapes can also look beautiful.


  • Go Vintage. Look to the past for something unusual. I love to trawl the flea markets for unusual
    lights and Alfies Antique Market in London is usually my goto place to shop for lighting when we are looking for something special for our clients. If a special Vintage is out of your price range, then go for a remake.


  • Go for hand made – the small imperfections in hand made or blown glass can create amazing texture that when lit at night can create a beautiful lighting affect.


  • Go Big, many people make the mistake of putting Chandeliers that are too small for the space. It’s a personal pet hate of mine. You should always go for something that is bigger than you think you need. Just make sure that the height of the chandelier doesn’t hit your head when you have to walk under it.


  • Look to install in unexpected places such as Hallways, Dressing Rooms or even Bathrooms to add impact and glamour to a space.


Here are some of my favorites…

  1. Starsky chandelier
  2. Sela Modern chandelier
  3. Sphere + Sterm Ceiling Lamp
  4. Stunning Crystal Droplets Chandelier
  5. Antique Brass Chandelier


Which is your favourite?
Till next time,
Doris x
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