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Book Review: Leatherworks by Otis Ingrams

It’s been raining all day over here in London. After the excitement of snow over the weekend, we now find ourselves drowning in water.

I’m not complaining though as it is usually during these times that I find writing the most pleasant. The soft pitta patta of rain against the windows creates a peaceful setting to review another great book and write a blog post.

I have always had  a love for leather, and though it has traditionally kept itself within the space of being used on armchairs and sofa’s within the interior arena, there has been a more recent trend towards using the material in other applications. A couple of years ago, we were bombarded with mirrors with leather straps and more recently, we are seeing leather being incorporated into lighting and let’s not forget those little leather pulls that grace the most trendy kitchens all over Europe.

So it is no surprise that we are starting to see talented artisan’s emerge within the craft space who specialise in creating and selling these products.
Otis Ingrams is one such person, who fell into leatherwork and then fell in love with it and never looked back. His enthusiasm for the material and craft is clearly projected in his new book aptly titled “Leatherworks”.
When I was reading Leatherworks, I could tell instantly that the book was a labour of love for Otis. I was particularly interested in the section titled “Types of Leather”. I have long been drawn towards vegetable tanned leathers and being able to gain further insight into how it was made and produced gave me a deeper understanding of the tanning process.



The book has been clearly designed to be practical and the photography is also inspirational. After an introduction into Leather and the tools you need to be able to work with the material (which is not very many), it then dives straight into 20 different projects that you can then make. Each project provides step by step instructions together with clear photographs on how to accomplish each task helping to propel the novice hobbyist into an expert maker.

This book would be perfect for anyone interested in creating with leather and provides a contemporary take on using leather in applications other than, hand bags & wallets. The individual products are both functional and well designed and would look beautiful in any laid-back interior. Or if you don’t have the inclination to create something out of leather, the book is beautifully photographed and would look gorgeous on your coffee table and would be a great gift for the leather enthusiast for Christmas.


You can buy Leatherwork by clicking on the image below…
Till next time,


Note: This book was provided for review by Quarto Publishing Jacqui Small and the opinions are my own.
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