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Laidback Living Christmas Wish List

This last weekend we put up our Christmas tree. As is tradition in our house, our son gets to choose the tree

 and then pick one new ornament to add to our tree to mark another Christmas spent together. Its a nice tradition that we have and one that we all really get excited about.

When we were in Australia it was difficult to get the excited about Christmas due to the warm weather and people walking around in flip flops and t-shirts. But when we moved to London, it felt so much more appealing. The cold dark evenings, the waft of pine on the high street as flower vendors start to sell tree’s too created an atmosphere that for me, was conducive to the Christmas spirit. Nowadays I love nothing more than to walk down our street and see sneak peaks of fairy lights and Christmas trees in cosy warm living rooms.


As Christmas approaches and you are starting to think about presents for your loved ones, I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list of items I certainly would love to have in my home and would suit any laid-back and casual home.



 I’ve been lusting after this chair for a very long time. Made from handwoven jute and mango wood this chair is timeless but with an Aztec edge making the perfect chair for you to laze around in on cold winter evenings by the fire.



 I came across these speakers when I was having a look at the Soho Home shop and fell in love with it. The exterior is made of soft vinyl in a camel colour and the speaker itself is made with a basketweave. I’ve never seen anything like it and can imagine it sitting perfectly amongst plants on a window sill in a Modern Rustic home.



 I have long been an admirer of French Connections Homewares section. They put out a small capsule collection a couple of times a year and all the pieces are usually spot on. This tribal navy patterned throw would sit beautifully in any Laidback home.



House of Hackney patterns always remind me of far off exotic locations and this cushion is no different. I can just imagine this cushion situated happily on a bohemian sofa or bed.



I must admit that this is something that I have been wanting to actually buy for a long time however every time I go onto the web-site to purchase it, it is always sold out! Such a practical and yet pretty ceramic piece.



 The Ikat Inlay Nightstand is the perfect accompaniment to any bed.



 I have long been an admirer of Black Pops beautifully distressed patterns. Their Duprez jade wallpaper would work beautifully in the cloakroom or bedroom.



 A Rum Fellow make the most beautiful bold patterned rugs. In this collaboration with FLOOR_STORY they have managed to create a beautiful piece that would sit rather nicely both on the floor or hung on the wall like a piece of art.



 I am always put off with your standard bath matts. Although practical, they are not the nicest looking things. This bathmat from Bleak House is a step up and is made by hand using ancient floor matting techniques. The natural fibres means that the colour varies and that it will look better over time.



I have to admit that we don’t really use coasters in our house. however when I came across these I really liked them. The Oak veneer plywood is laser etched with contours of popular summits, lakes, reservoirs, wards, road and place names and then sealed with Danish Oil. They would look beautiful on your coffee table.



Another great treat for your coffee table. Spend your Christmas lazing on the sofa with this lovely time.


I hope these items will help make your Christmas more merry and laid-back. Till next time,


x Doris
  • Jade

    December 8, 2017 at 8:20 am Reply

    Lovely selection!

    • Doris


      December 8, 2017 at 9:26 am Reply

      Thanks Jade, I want them all!

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