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Book Review: House of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray

It’s been a crazy week. One of those weeks where nothing you planned has gone right and where I managed to make deadlines happen right down the the wire (with 5 minutes to spare) to having to deal with last minute changes. I’ve had to juggle client requests, demanding builders, poorly neighbours, crisis situations with friends, storms and playdates all in the same day. It’s just been bizarre. I have to just put it all down to the weather which  was appropriately called Storm Doris that wreaked havoc earlier in the week.

So it’s really lovely to be able to sit down today to be able to write this post in the calm and quiet of my home. Thank you very much to those children who happen to be having birthday parties today ( 2 in fact) which releases me of parental responsibility for a few hours today so that I can write this post.


Today, I wanted to write about a book that was sent over by the lovely people at Quarto Publishing. I must admit that I was enticed immediately by the cover – in a lovely calming Olive with a modern typeface. But when I went to actually read the book, I quickly realised that the book was an extremely well thought out tome of useful information that I now actually use as a reference when purchasing plants for my clients.

House of Plants is written by Caro Langton and Rose Ray who are self-taught gardeners who upon becoming custodians of Caro’s grandmother’s house which included a large conservative full of ancient cacti and succulents and a library filled with gardening books, subsequently went on to learn about, design, nurture and sell plants at the Broadway Market in Hackney, London. From there, their business has grown to include, supplying to high end-concept stores and stockists throughout Europe, gardening workshops and recently opened the first shop in Tufnell Park in North London – you can find more information about them here –


House of Plants is more than an inspiring read. Its a well laid our reference guide on how to choose, care for and incorporate your indoor tropical plants, succulents, cacti and air plants into your home. The book is broken down into 7 distinct chapters. The House, Living with Plants, Knowing your Plants, Nurturing Your Plants, Sharing your Plants, House of Plants & The Gathering.

Further than just a book about plants, the book also provides inspiring creative projects including making a macrame hanging planter, creating home made concrete pots and recipes for making compost and fertiliser recipes.


What I really enjoyed about the book was that aside from the beautifully styled imagery, it provides practical information about the more common indoor plants and provides instructions on how to look after them, what to do when they start ailing and some great tips on how to display them. I found that the way they presented the information was so easy to use and understand and it will be a great reference for years to come.

If you would like to purchase a copy – you can find it here.

Till next time,
Please Note: House of Plants was provided for review by Quarto Publishing and the opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for your support.


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