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Getting in the mood for Winter with Imaginfires

I just love this time of year. The tree’s are starting to shed their leaves and all you can hear is the crunchingof leaves under your shoes as you walk through the park. I walk through the park to take my son to school every morning and it’s such a lovely sight to see the ground filled with colourful leaves and frost over the green lawns.

And though I absolutely love the days when the brisk cold weather brings a fresh relief and vibrant blue sky, I often look forward to coming home and snuggling on the sofa under my warm throw. So when I was contacted by Imaginfires to test out one of their fireplaces I just couldn’t resist.





Imaginfires specialise in Bioethanol Fireplaces which have become very popular in recent years. I have always dreamed of having a real fireplace in my home however my husband has always been against them. Having grown up with a fireplace that he was forced to clean during the winter months, he has developed an aversion to them ever since. So when we went through all the pro’s and cons of owning a bioethanol fireplace (where he didn’t have to clean it) it just ticked all the boxes.

Bioethanol fireplaces run off Bio Fuel which is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plants by products such as sugarcane and crops like grains using yeast. This makes it more environmentally friendly than many alternatives such as fossil fuels. When we received the fireplace, it was extremely easy to setup. You just place the fireplace in your intended location and pour the fuel into the fuel box within the fireplace. We then lighted the fireplace up and that’s it. The fire started small at first but then gradually got bigger and I was very surprised by how warm it was also. Our ground floor is all open plan and we only have underfloor heating on this level. There are times when the underfloor heating doesn’t heat up fast enough to warm the entire room so it’s nice to have a secondary heat source.

I also noticed that the door to the fireplace was fit with magnets requiring you to give it a tug to open. This is perfect for families with children as it means that it would be extremely difficult for a child to open the door. The colour of the fire is a beautiful orange colour which creates a lovely ambient feel when on and a one litre bottle of fuel lasts about 3 hours. When the fireplace is on, there is a slight smell, which I noticed only when I walked out of the room and my husband didn’t notice it at all. If you want to read more about Bioethanol Fireplaces – go here for more details.


So after receiving this beautiful fireplace, I wanted to talk about the perfect accessories to go with it. For me, winter is all about being inside and snuggling in a cosy warm room be it in your bed or on the sofa in front of the tv when it’s cold and wet outside. I especially love it when it’s dark and you can hear the light patter of rain against the window. But how do you create the perfect room in which to snuggle up in? Here are some tips on how to create the perfect space for winter snuggling using an Imaginfires Fireplace.

Ambient Lighting – all our lighting is on dimmers. This allows for the mood of the room to be changed from cosy when the lightning is dimmed to bright when we are up and about. To add additional ambient light, you can burn some candles and of course the light produced by the Imaginfires fireplace should be the focal point of the room.

A Soft Rug – if you have wood or tiled floors, a rug will always make a space feel warmer feel more cosy. I have rugs all over the house because we don’t wear shoes in the house. Our home is all wood flooring so it’s nice especially in winter to be able to walk over something soft under your feet. Rugs also help to add personality to the room if you go for a patterned rug.

A super comfy Sofa – make sure that your sofa is extra deep and long enough for you to be able to lie on. I always make sure that the sofa is as big as possible for the intended room because let’s face it, who wants to snuggle on a sofa that barely provides room for you to sit. You want to be able to stretch out on it and take a comfortable nap if you want to.

An extra large throw or blanket – when it comes to throws, the larger the better. We as a family also snuggle under a king size blanket and when we watch movies together on the weekend, we all huddle under it because it’s long enough to cover all 3 of us.

Books & Art – I love to surround myself with my design books. And I am often caught spending a quiet sunday morning going through one to get inspiration. Art is something that is so subjective but my rule of thumb is to only buy art that I love. Go for art that is calming and peaceful in look and feel.

What are your must haves for creating an snuggly room in Winter?

Till next time,


Note: The Pembrey Fireplace was supplied by Imaginfires and the opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you. xDoris

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