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How to create a Laid-back bedroom, 2 ways

I have to admit that I just LOVE sleeping. There is nothing so wonderful as being able to tuck yourself into your bed, dressed in your comfy pjs and relaxing into a great book or magazine after a long day.

It is important to me that my bedroom feels like a retreat and is something special that I can go to when I’m tired after a long day.  The top priority for me is to make sure that a bedroom is both comfortable and feels wonderful to be in. When I walk into a bed room, I want it to entice me into bed. It needs to feel relaxed, laid-back and causal to be in.

The most important component of any bed, other than the mattress is to have wonderfully soft bed linen. When it comes to bed linen, I like to keep things neutral. I’m not really into fussy florals or patterns, I like my bed to feel relaxed so my bed linen tends to be relaxed and muted in colour. On it’s own, this can look dull and boring, but when you mix it with multiple layers of textures, the entire scheme will look and feel amazing.

So for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to create 2 bedroom styles using the same set of bed linen. Soak & Sleep were lovely enough to provide me with a set of their 100% Pure French Bed Linen in Soft Blue and decided to create 2 Laid-back bedrooms in different styles using the same Bed set.




Rustic interiors are all about using worn and imperfect materials. The headboard was created using bits of wood from an unused palette. Many different materials have been used to soften the look of the room, from worn wood, natural sea grass, linen & wool. The floor was covered with a luxury woven rug in a diamond pattern to make the space feel cozy.

Product from Soak & Sleep: 100% French Bed Linen in Soft BlueChunky Wool ThrowLuxury Woven Rug in Light Stone




I wanted this bedroom to feel old and a little worn yet masculine. The pages taken out of an old and worn book were used to create a wall of pages which gave the space depth. I then made sure to include metallic elements into the room by using a brass drum as a side table. The black mid-century style lamp, together with the metal bucket that houses a pair of slippers adds masculinity to the room. The beautiful chunky wool throw adds a contrast in texture to the whole scene making the bed feel inviting and yet informal at the same time.

Products from Soak & Sleep: 100% French Bed Linen in Soft Blue , Oscar Task LampChunky Wool Throw


  • Layer Layer Layer – use lots of texture and different materials in your room. It really makes a difference to the overall look and feel to a room.
  • Pillows – I like my pillows to have a bit of give to them, therefore preferring a combination of microfibre and duck feather. I always have a square pillow that I use every night to sit up on also.
  • Use Rugs – by using rugs, you can soften the look of your bedroom and make a lovely start to the day by waking up to a nice soft floor. I love rugs that are soft to feel, the softer the better and therefore prefer the use of wool or cotton especially in the bedroom.
  • Linen Bedsheets – I just love linen bedsheets because they are just soft and so easy to maintain. You don’t need to iron the sheets and they definitely add to the laid-back look.

So which bedroom do you prefer? What are your must haves for a laid-back bedroom? I’d love to know.

If you’d like to create a laid-back bedroom of your own, check out Soak & Sleep  for more great products.

Till next time. xD

** Photography by Doris Lee Design Studio. Post created in partnership with Soak & Sleep. All views my own.

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