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Studio News: Interior Styling for Kristjana Williams

The process of designing an interior for aclient can be lengthy and prolonged. This can be due to a number of factors, delays in builds, extended planning permission required or just simple things like the weather can add to the process.This is especially true when it involves gutting an entire house before having to re-create it again. As a result, it can take months or years between conception and reality.

In contrast, Interior Styling is altogether much faster. Though it still does take time to plan and install, it never takes quite as long. And the results and turnover are also faster. So it’s always a nice change to get requests into the studio of this nature.

I have found that the process of Interior Styling allows for a heightened sense of creativity. I always start by imagining the the type of person who would purchase the product I’m trying to showcase and create a set that would appeal to that buyer.

Having collaborated with Kristjana on her AW 14 wallpaper range last year, I was so honoured and excited to be invited to style some sets for her newest range of wallpapers for AW 15.


Kristjana’s work evokes a whimsical quality that takes you off to far away worlds where exotic creatures live in a lush landscape of Victorian engravings and magical wonderland. Her work is beautiful and her latest edition of wallpapers evoke the same magical theme.





Leigh-Keily-Kristjana-Williams-Interiors-1156The thing about Kristjanas work is that it’s wonderfully eclectic and lends itself to fit easily within a contemporary home. I always imagine her wallpapers and prints will sit happily inside the most modern cutting edge kitchens while at the same time still looking modern against a well aged chest of drawers. It’s that diversity and whimsical quality of her designs that I believe appeals.

You can buy these maginificent wallpapers from Kristjana’s site here.

Kristjana has also released a children’s story book called The Wonder Garden which is a richly illustrated story that celebrates the diversity of the natural world through an exploration of five habitats, collected in this virtual ‘garden’: The Amazon, The Great Barrier Reef, The Chihuahuan Desert, the Himalayas and the Black Forest. Which you can buy here.

If you are a small independent business and are looking for someone to help style your product or brand, I’m here to help! Just send an email to to discuss further details.

Till next time, xDoris

Image Source: Photography by Leigh Keily

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