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Studio News: Food Styling Collaboration with British Indian Kitchen

It’s not everyday that an Interior Designer gets asked to collaborateon a Food Styling Shoot. So you can imagine when I was approached by Sunita Solanki from British Indian Kitchen to style some food sets for her website that I jumped at the chance!

Sunita is a passionate cook who’s approach to food is as vibrant as her personality. Her cooking classes aim to teach her pupils how to cook fusion British Asian food that are both healthy and flavoursome.

BritishIndianKitchenstillslowres-31 BIKWood4 BritishIndianKitchenstillslowres-30

BritishIndianKitchenstillslowres-24After taking a break due to the birth of her second child, Sunita wanted to re-launch her website and blog – She wanted my help creating a “style” for the brand that would reflect both her Indian heritage and British upbringing without it feeling too traditional on either side and to style the food shots for the website.

After our initial meeting over coffee, we mapped out an idea for the shoot. There would be key images for her Supper Clubs, Entertaining & Kids classes, then we would create a variety of smaller sets for individual food items she could use on her blog.






We then mapped out some idea’s sharing inspiration via a secret Pinterest board and worked together to define what the overall style of the brand would be. The British component of the brand would be represented by the rustic feel in the images, using elements of worn wood, aged marble and irregular textures and shapes such as slate in the tableware. Worn metallic details in pots, plates and cutlery were then added to create a rustic Indian vibe to the whole scheme.




Sunita then cooked up a storm and the very talented Cathy from Lemon Yellow Photography came and did her magic by photographing the shots. Together with the help from the very lovely and equally talented foodie and cook, Hannah from to help setup and cleanup during the day, it went by with a whizz. Overall, it was such a fun experience with the added benefit of being able to work with such motivated and lovely creative people. It is an experience I will never forget and I am truly thankful to Sunita for asking me to work on this collaboration with me.

Sunita was also lovely enough to share a couple of recipes of dishes she made for the shoot. Firstly a wonderfully simple reccipe of her Mango & Chilli Recipe which I can attest to as being delicious and also a very yummy Lemon Possit that tastes as good as it looks!


If you would like to find out more about Sunita’s cooking classes check out her web-site –

If you are a small independent business and are looking for someone to help style your product or brand, I’m here to help! Just send an email to to discuss further details.

Till next time, Doris

Image Source: Photography by Cathy Pyle at Lemon Yellow Photography

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